Monday, September 3, 2012

Hand quilting challenge with Bonnie Hunter!

Bonnie Hunter issued a challenge to do one hour of hand sewing each day.  I guess many of her followers requested something like that so we could all be more productive on our hand projects sitting in the closet.

My grandma died over 2 years ago.  When she was a little bit sick (lung cancer) she told me she was bored and needed a hand quilting project to work on.  I got right on that!  I ordered a small whole cloth throw for her.  She complained, but secretly was thrilled (that's how she was) and got to work.

When she passed away, she was about 90% done.  So I've had this piece sitting around to finish since then.  I am not a hand quilter, but am willing to work on it.  So I'm going to get this finished up ASAP and throw it on the back of the sofa.

And I apologize for this photo, it was hard to get any real detail for white on white.  I'll work on a better shot when I get it done.

No worries, there is a KING sized quilt I pieced waiting for me to hand quilt when this is done, so this is just a warm up.

Amy in KY